Documents Checklist

During the loan application process, we will request that you provide documentation to verify your identity, income, assets, etc. The requested documentation typically includes the following items for each borrower:

□ Copy of drivers license

□ Copy of social security card

□ Copies of pay stubs – most recent 30 days (lender will also request verification of employment directly from employer)

□ Copies of W-2’s – most recent 2 years

□ Copies of Tax returns – most recent 2 years

□ Copies of bank statements- most recent 2 months

□ Documentation for any other assets being used for consideration of the loan

□ Enlistment letter or DD.214 (VA Only)

□ Certificate of eligibility (VA Only)

□ Nearest living relative form (VA Only)

□ Copy of prior owner’s title policy (when refinancing)

□ Copy of original survey

□ Homeowners insurance

Additional items that may be applicable

□ Bankruptcy discharge and petition paperwork

□ Divorce decree

□ Child support income documentation

The requested documents can be delivered in person or by mail, scanned and emailed, or faxed. Please see the direct contact information for Daren or Joy listed below.


Daren Thomas

Cell: (850) 420-6828

Email: [email protected]

Toll Free Fax: (866) 311-8280


Joy Blanco

Cell: (850) 296-0804

Email: [email protected]

Toll-Free Fax: (866) 311-8280